Benefits of technology in education

By: Antonio Juan Benítez Rojas.

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It often happens that when hearing in the same sentence the words «technology» and «education», many parents raise an eyebrow. It is not necessarily a resounding no to the idea, but an alarm that is lit to question the true use given to technological tools in this area.

This state of alert is natural, the use of smart devices opens the door to a sea of information and connectivity that, without proper supervision, can put a child’s integrity at risk, but that does not always have to be the case. Indeed, the use of technological tools in the classrooms, under the proper control of responsible schools, has proven to have numerous benefits throughout the world. Here are some of them:

Benefits of technology in education

Benefits of technology in education
Smart classroom

Benefits for students

On the one hand, students increase in their efficiency and effectiveness in the studies, due to the fact that they are able to obtain information quickly on any subject, and can do team work using tools of collaboration in real time, as is the case of Google Docs.

While it is true that these tools may be used to facilitate plagiarism, when students limit themselves to a copy & paste of the researched information, this can be countered with the use of anti-plagiarism tools such as Copyscape, compares in a matter of seconds the originality of a text with billions of others that are on the web. In addition, regardless of the use of technology, teachers – and parents at home – will always have the task of verifying that, in fact, learning has taken place, through the different types of evaluations carried out by students.

Benefits for teachers

The importance of technology in education
Student using a VR device

Teachers can be more instructive by using tools such as virtual or augmented reality, including devices of this type in their classes. For example, in a Universal History class, they could show three-dimensional images of the pyramids – which is a difference from traditional classes that have only chalk and blackboard!  In addition, there are programs that allow teachers to adjust the exigency in the instruction of each student, in a personalized way; such is the case of Dreambox , a software that is used for the teaching of mathematics and has been very well received .

Likewise, according to an article published by Forbes magazine, use of artificial intelligence makes it possible for professors to delegate to machines the performance of burdensome activities such as the correction of exams, thus significantly reducing their workload.

General benefits

technology and education
Access to education

Probably, the greatest benefit that technology in the educational area is greater access to education. It is no longer necessary to be physically present in a certain place to study a discipline, because of the existence of the Internet, there are countless distance education programs, endorsed by renowned institutions, that allow anyone to educate themselves in the area or discipline of their choice.

In this same sense, the current technology has allowed the less fortunate to receive equal education. Because of the implementation of programs such as  Samsung Smart Schools, which are provided with a digital board, tablets, a server, Internet connectivity and solar panels, these individuals are able to have access to the same tools. These smart schools, of which there are already more than three thousand worldwide, provide a real-time learning platform in rural areas that do not have electric service.


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