Spanish Translation Services

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The reasons why Spanish Translation Services are needed are mainly legal, commercial and professional. In this article, we will deal with all the above.

Spanish legal translation services

Legal translation

Legal translations have to do with the translation of documents such as claims, birth and death certificates, judgments, etc. It’s worth noting that more precise translations can be achieved if the person who makes a legal translation as well as being bilingual is a legal professional,  among other reasons because cases of homonymy of legal terms may arise. As an example, in Spanish, the term «protutor» refers to a person appointed by a judge to administer the assets of a minor, in case there is a conflict between the latter and their guardian. However, in English, the same word, according to the definition given on the website of Merriam-Webster, refers to «one who acts as a tutor without legal appointment or one who marries a tutoress and is equally responsible with her».

Commercial Spanish Translation

Commercial translation

From a commercial point of view, Spanish Translation services are also needed by those English-speaking companies that want to transmit their message to the Spanish-speaking audience, whether through their website, blog, social networks and marketing campaigns in general. Some of these companies try to handle this situation with a translation tool such as Google Translate, which by the way is a great support, but still has much to improve. The truth of the matter is that a bad translation in the commercial area creates in the reader whose native language is the target language the idea that this company is careless and that it does not have sufficient resources to communicate correctly.

Professional Spanish translation

Professional translationConcerning the professional field, a person could request Spanish Translation Services for the translation of their resume and its attachments. Applies the same reasoning above: a translation of a resume and its attachments made by translation software may have errors that leave a bad image to the human resources manager to whom the translation arrives. For the same reason, it is also ideal to leave these types of translations in the hands of a team of professionals in the world of translation.

Finally, it should be noted that in all these cases, in order to communicate the exact message that you want to transmit, the Spanish Translation Service must be comprehensive: it is not enough to make a mere literal translation of the content, but in many cases you have to make a transduction, which includes using idioms in the target language (in this case English) whose meaning is as close as possible to the phrase that needs to be translated from the source language (in this case, Spanish).