Online English to Spanish Translation Services

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Online English to Spanish Translation Services

Thanks to current technology, it is now possible to obtain Online Spanish Translation Services from the comfort of your home. Just contact the person or company that provides these services, request a quote and send them by email or instant messaging the text that needs to be translated. Even in the case of documents that are not in digital format, such as a birth certificate, certified notes or a foreign court’s judgment, it is only necessary to scan or take a photo of those documents and send them to the translator by one of the indicated means so that they include such attachments in the quotation.

Once the translator or translation company receives the document that needs to be translated and its attachments, they will elaborate a quote that can be based on the number of pages to translate or the sum of all the words contained in the original documents, as it’s done by A2B Translations. Once the budget is approved, the required translation will be made in an agreed time frame which in our company’s case is usually a maximum of three (3) business days. Although in many cases, depending on the complexity of the work, the translation is delivered on the same day that the quote is approved by the client.

Certified and Notarized Online Spanish Translations

Notarized English to Spanish Online Translations

It is also possible to obtain a Certified and Notarized Online Spanish Translation, which is necessary in the case of translations of documents that will be used in court within the United States. This can be accomplished in two ways: by hiring a translator who is physically in the United States, who can make an affidavit before a United States Notary Public or through websites that provide this service in certain states, which is particularly costly, especially when the person who will authenticate the document is outside the United States. Our company offers this service for a lower cost, and our translations are verified by university graduates, giving greater support to our work.

Five advantages of hiring Online Spanish Translation Services

In short, Online Spanish Translation Services allow you to:

  1. Get Spanish Translation Services from the comfort of your home.
  2. Receive an online quote.
  3. Receive an immediate response regarding any doubt or requirement before, during or after the delivery of the translated document.
  4. Request, if necessary, the certification and notarization of the translated document also from the comfort of your home and at a reasonable price.
  5. Be certain that the translation will be personally done by university graduates who are fluent in both languages (Spanish and English). This adds an extra level of consistency and legitimacy to the translated document because we will consider each detail so that the desired message is transmitted accurately.